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I'm a creative soul, I love to spend time with my family, enjoy cooking and baking things for humans, exploring the world, creating memories, and make a mean ass cup of coffee to share with others.

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We believe in capturing your pure essence in every image.

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Hi, I’m Ashlee. I’m a photographer, mother, stellar baker, and a coffee fanatic. I found photography through finding my father. He would be out in the water surfing and I'd photograph him in action.

Growing up worrying about if we'd have electricity for the month was hard. Bouncing from middle to low income was challenging, especially mentally and emotionally. It created a lot of family burdens and stress, nothing was stable and consistent. Being multi-racial growing up in a small town was tough  because of not being accepted and having no "tribe" of similar cultures to you.

The foundation of my business was created from understanding what struggles feel like. Realizing many photographers don't cater to those that are considered less. I offer affordable pricing as is - along with an even lower rate for those who qualify for the Scholarship Program.
You may want to know about how I got started, huh? 5 years ago I met my father for the first time, and wow what a trip it was. He's a surfer off the coast, and I never knew how to swim but wanted to be connected to him somehow when I'd visit. He'd be out in the water and I was stuck on land. I got a camera and began photographing him + other surfers.
From there I realized the creative arts of photography but It came to my mind that growing up our family never had any photos together. 
There was and still is a gap in affordable photography for those who are less fortunate.. So I started my business offering affordable services to everyone. Along with already being affordable, I started a program that accepts 6-10 clients a year where I'll work with you to create a budget-friendly custom rate. Doing that is what really motivates me in my business because I understand what it was like growing up underrepresented and struggling. Having this program allows for those who struggle to remember that they are 100% worthy and deserving of memories being captured just like everyone else.   

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